ThorCoin - Scrypt-Jane ASIC-Resistant cryptocurrency

We are getting pretty accustomed to seeing newly released cryptocurrencies themed after familiar names, such as politicians, movie stars, comic book characters, etc.

ThorCoin is no different in that regard, but that doesn't mean it isn't innovative!

ThorCoin is a Scrypt-Jane cryptocurrency, with a total supply of 15 billion ThorCoins. The block reward is fixed at 200,000 per block, but these rewards will halve every three weeks. The minimum block reward will always be 500 ThorCoin.

ThorCoin has a 1.5% premine, which will be used for bounties,giveaways,development,
maintenance and support. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Mining difficulty retargets every 30 minutes, and it only takes 5 confirmations for your Thorcoin transaction to complete. About the same time it takes for Mjölnir to return to Thor's hand.

As far as exchanges go, ThorCoin is currently listed on the SciFi-Ex exchange, with petitions still going on to get ThorCoin listed on MintPal, Cryptsy and CoinedUp.

Make sure to check out the official ThorCoin thread on BitcoinTalk.